About Me

I live and work in Boise, Idaho as a Motion Graphics artist with Micron Technology, a Fortune 500 company with operations all over the world.

After four years as an aspiring rock star in the mid nineties, I returned to finish college and happened upon an old workstation with some early 3D software.  I immediately went to work and upon graduation, had a reel that consisted of … well, mostly rotating blocks and spheres.  “Pixar didn’t want me … go figure”.  Soon after, I took a “stepping stone” job as a production assistant with a local Technology company.  Soon my work was playing a growing role in the company’s Marketing strategy. Now, 11 years later, I’m a key player in pushing and defining the company’s visual identity across all of its media—from web to print and beyond.

While working for the man as a restless creative spirit, and being a singer and bass player in two heavy metal bands, I jump back and forth with ease and thrive on the variety of experience each day brings.

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